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The program is updated very often and and it is very easy to miss important changes. The updates at the same time come automatically in the background. You may not...


WhatsApp, which name comes from the famous greeting «What's up?» is a mobile application that allows you to exchange text and media messages via the Internet or Wi-Fi connection. Customers do not pay for SMS. Once you start using WhatsApp to communicate with your friends, you'll wonder how you lived without it!

The monthly audience of the WhatsApp service exceeds 450 million people, 70% of them use it daily, and the rate of new registrations reaches incredible one million users a day. That is why the rights on the application were acquired by Facebook for $ 19 billion!

In fact, WhatsApp is a small program that is installed on the device, and allows you to do the following simple steps:

  • With WhatsApp messanger you can send text messages to other subscribers, who also have installed application on their smartphones. In other words, if you set and install WhatsApp you can communicate almost for free (fees only for Internet traffic).
  • You can send photos to your friends.
  • You can exchange audio recordings with each other. (With WhatsApp messenger app you can forget about using Bluetooth)
  • Share geographic coordinates. For tourists and travelers, this WhatsApp function can be very useful. It is sent not in the form of latitude and longitude, as well as a map image from Google.
  • You can send contacts via WhatsApp messaging. You no longer need to dictate over the phone the phone number or whispering the e-mail.
  • Unfortunately, WhatsApp voice chat does not work, unlike the Viber messenger.

By the way, if you do not have any chances to use this wonderful program, you do not need to get upset. In March 2015 creators of WhatsApp presented an opportunity to communicate with the help of standard PC. And this possibility in WhatsApp is the official, without having to install dubious programs