How to create and invite into a group in Whatsapp

Create a Whats app group:

1- Go to the Chat tab in WhatsApp.

2- Click More Options> New Collection.

  • Instead, click New Conversation> New Group.
Whats app group

3- Search or choose the contacts you want to add to the group. Then click the green arrow.

4- Enter the group topic. This will be the name of the group that all users will see.

  • The subject is limited to 25 characters.
  • You can add emoji to the theme by clicking an emoji.
  • (Optional) Add a group icon by clicking the camera icon. You can choose to add photos using your camera, gallery, or web search. Once set, the icon will appear next to the group on the conversation tab.

5- Go to the WhatsApp group chat and click on the group theme. When you are finished, click the green checkmark.

Invite the group via the link

If you are a group manager, you can invite them to join the group by sharing the link with others. Share group invitation link:

Whats app group

1- Instead, tap and hold the group on the conversation tab. Then click More Options on three dotes button for Group Information.

2- Click Invite via a link.

3- Choose to send links through WhatsApp, copy links through other apps, or share links.

  • You can also share group invitations using QR codes by clicking More Options> Print Group QR Code.
  • If sending via WhatsApp, search or choose a contact and click Send.
  • To print a QR code, your phone must be connected to the printer.
  • Android code recipients can use a third-party QR code reader to scan the code.
  • iPhone passcode recipients can scan the passcode using the phone’s camera.
  • Administrators can revoke links at any time to revoke previous invitation links and create new ones.

Note: WhatsApp users sharing the invitation link with you can join the group, so this feature can only be used with trusted individuals. Someone may redirect the link to others. If so, others can join the group, and the group administrator will not be asked to approve these people until they join.

Whats app group…

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