How to Install and Use Whatsapp in Laptop

how to use WhatsApp on a laptop: Whatsapp is the most famous messaging application in the world of smartphones, with nearly one billion active users worldwide. Almost every operating system has a Whatsapp app in its store, like iOS, Android, Windows, and Symbian. Whatsapp reduces the use of regular SMS among people. The best thing about Whatsapp is that it not only lets you transfer messages but also share photos, videos, files and more. No need to worry about messages like regular text messages.

how to use whatsapp on laptop

If your opponent has activity or WiFi data, Whatsapp will deliver your message immediately. Gonna be better and better with regular updates, so read “New and New” here. The good news is that we can even use Whatsapp Messenger on a PC or laptop right now. It will be very useful when there is a problem with our smartphone. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to install and use WhatsApp on your PC or laptop.

Step 1:
Download the Thin BlueStacks Player app
To use Whatsapp on your PC or laptop, you need to install an Android emulator called BlueStacks App Player. The BlueStacks app launcher comes in two versions, the regular BlueStacks app launcher, and the Thin BlueStacks app launcher. There are a lot of people who are having problems installing the Normal BlueStacks App Launcher, so I recommend downloading and installing the Thin BlueStacks App Launcher.

Step 2:
Install Thin BlueStacks App Player
During the installation process, make sure that the drive is installed with more than 2 GB of free space, otherwise, the error described below will occur, see screenshot 1. See screenshot 2.

Bluestacks installation warning

After installation, you’ll see the screen below, then select the Messages icon and select WhatsApp

whatsapp on laptop

Step 3:
Download Whatsapp to your computer
Click the Whatsapp icon to start downloading Whatsapp on your computer

how to use whatsapp on laptop

Wait for the download to complete

downloading Whatsapp messenger

Step 4:
Install Whatsapp on your computer
After downloading, you will see the status installed under Whatsapp, then click the Whatsapp icon to open the Whatsapp Messenger app

how to open whatsapp to configure

Step 5:
Configure Whatsapp on your computer
After opening What’s on your computer, you will see the screen shown below, click “OK and continue”

Welcome to whatsapp
Verify your phone number

After entering your mobile number, Whatsapp will send you a verification code to confirm that you are the legal owner of the mobile number, please enter your verification code to continue. In some cases, it may take a long time to receive a verification code, in which case you can use the Connect feature to find out the verification code.

Sms verification
Profile info
Bluestuck App player

You may think that Whatsapp on your computer is not a good idea, but it will be very useful when you have any sudden problems with your smartphone. Please let us know your feedback through the comments section, thank you.