Install WhatsApp Mac Apk on PC 2019

WhatsApp Mac: How to get WhatsApp on Mac?

WhatsApp has processed 64 billion amazing messages in its most successful days to date, making it one of the most popular messaging systems in the world – but is it possible to access WhatsApp messages on a Mac? With the official release of desktop apps, it became very simple.

WhatsApp mac

WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging system on the planet. This Facebook-owned company has 64 billion messages processed by its server in its most successful day, it’s amazing (we’ll give you more time to drown).

But what if you want to use WhatsApp on your Mac to reply to messages on your iPhone? Is there a way to do this? It turns out that WhatsApp can be accessed in multiple ways on a Mac, and this is where we explain the best options.

This article will explain how to access, send, and receive messages via WhatsApp for iPhone (or Android!) On your Mac. Oh, if you want to use WhatsApp on your iPad, we also offer related tutorials.

WhatsApp mac

A little thing called WhatsApp Web

Apple has reintroduced the messaging app in OS X Mountain Lion, which provides a lot of convenience for iOS users, allowing them to send and receive iMessages (and all later text messages) through their Mac. This means that users can quickly reply to messages and keep track of their previous work, and they can write longer messages quickly.

Back in 2015, WhatsApp introduced its own alternative for PC and Mac users, called WhatsApp Web. It’s basically a browser-based WhatsApp that allows users to sign in from almost any device and access their WhatsApp messages. Google Chrome, Opera, and FireFox fully support the feature, but don’t provide official support for users using Safari – although it works, it lacks some features.

By visiting WhatsApp on Chrome, Opera, or FireFox, you can use the QR code to sign in and quickly access all conversations on your smartphone. In addition, you can send and receive media, join group chats, send and receive voice memos, and even receive notifications when new messages arrive. If you access WhatsApp Web through Safari, you can use all the features above as well as support for notifications and voice recordings (you can still listen to them).

Also, note that you need to connect your phone to the Internet to send and receive messages using WhatsApp Web.

The WhatsApp desktop app

After the success of WhatsApp Web, the company launched its desktop application for Mac and PC users. It can be downloaded for free from WhatsApp and the installation is very simple.

WhatsApp mac

After installing and opening WhatsApp for desktop, a QR code will be displayed. On your phone, open WhatsApp, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select WhatsApp Web.

You must open the QR scanner in your mobile app, letting you scan the code on your Mac screen.

After you pair your PC or Mac with your mobile device, your WhatsApp contacts and conversations will sync directly with your desktop! Any message sent or received in real-time is reflected on your phone and desktop app. So if you delete a conversation on your phone, it will delete it from the desktop app and vice versa.

Just like the web app, you need to enable data or Wi-Fi on your phone, so make sure you have a mobile data plan that meets your needs or that you are using a Wi-Fi network. If your phone is offline, you will not receive messages and messages sent will be retained.

If you want to stop the desktop app from sending and receiving messages, just sign out of the desktop app.

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