WhatsApp for Windows 10 ( 32 bit & 64 bit )

WhatsApp for Windows 10: WhatsApp for PCs lets you stay connected with your friends and family anytime, anywhere. You can install it on your home or desktop computer and instantly access your contacts and chat history. You can send and receive messages, audio, video, and photos. Keep in mind that WhatsApp for Windows reflects the conversation, so you’ll also see everything sent from your computer on your mobile device.

WhatsApp for Windows 10

You can change pictures and status messages directly from the desktop application. Additionally, you can start a new conversation, create a group, or even delete, archive, or mute a conversation. You can perform current operations on your PC from WhatsApp on your mobile device.

You must have a WhatsApp account to use the app on your computer. Also, at least during the setup phase, both your mobile device and your computer must be connected to your computer (you need to scan the QR code from your phone or tablet). The user interface is fairly simple, but well organized and contains all the features that people expect. You do not need any technical skills to use the program, and you must quickly get used to the various controls and options of the program.

You can send photos directly to your friends and family from webcam hair. In addition, you can quickly share a variety of documents by selecting documents from your computer. This makes WhatsApp for PC a great choice at work when you need to stay in touch with colleagues or customers.

All in all, this app works fine. Although WhatsApp is lighter and smaller than Skype and even Yahoo Messenger, it does a good job of keeping contacts, contacts, and conversations on your phone. These features are intuitive and all functions are working properly. ‘It was designed by WhatsApp itself, so it works fine.

The official WhatsApp designed for Windows 10 computers is now available for free download from the Microsoft Store. WhatsApp Desktop syncs with the user’s WhatsApp mobile app and allows you to continue or start a conversation on your computer.

This is an official description (very brief).

With WhatsApp on your desktop, you can sync all your chats seamlessly so you can chat on any device that is most convenient.

This computer app lacks many features of mobile apps, such as video calls, but there are certainly use cases for advanced WhatsApp users.

Download WhatsApp for Windows 10 (64/32 bit)

Download WhatsApp (latest version 2019) for Windows 10 (64-bit to 32-bit) for free. Download and install securely from the official link!

64-bit and 32-bit WhatsApp downloads

  • WhatsApp is a direct, free and secure download
  • Latest version update
  • Compatible with Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit
  • Download WhatsApp for PC or Laptop

Overview of the latest version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp desktop version of Windows 10 lets you seamlessly sync all your chats so you can chat on any more convenient device. It’s the official app on Windows and doesn’t require an Android emulator like Bluestacks or any other type of helper apps. Note: You must have WhatsApp installed on your phone before you can use it on your Windows PC.

The main features of the WhatsApp desktop application for PC / mobile

Voice and video calls via WhatsApp:

  • With voice calls, you can talk to your friends and family for free, even if they are in another country.
  • With a free video call, you can talk face to face to deal with speech or text that isn’t enough.
  • WhatsApp voice and video calls use your phone’s Internet connection instead of your phone’s scheduled voice call time, so you don’t have to worry about expensive calls.

Simple and reliable messages

  • Send messages to your friends and family.
  • WhatsApp uses your phone’s internet connection to send messages, thus avoiding SMS charges.

Group chat

  • Stay in touch with the most important people, like your family or colleagues.
  • Send messages, photos, audios, and videos with up to 256 people at a time.
  • Name the group and mute, or customize alerts and more.

Keep the conversation going

  • Using WhatsApp on the web and on your desktop, you can easily sync all your chats with your computer.
  • Download the desktop app or go to web.whatsapp.com to get started.

End-to-end encryption

  • We have integrated internal encryption in the latest version of the application.
  • Your messages and calls are secure, so you and the people you communicate with cannot be read or listened to by anyone, not even among them or even WhatsApp.

Photos and videos

  • Send photos and videos now on WhatsApp.
  • The compact camera captures the most important moments.
  • Even if the connection is slow, your photos and videos will be sent quickly.

File file

  • Send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slides, etc. without the hassle of email apps or file sharing.
  • You can send up to 100 MB of documents, so you can easily connect what you want to the person you want.