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Whatsapp Plus APK Download

Whatsapp Plus is the most popular Android apps. So today I will introduce you to WhatsApp Plus. You may have heard from around the world that WhatsApp Plus no longer works. Today, I will share with you an excellent guide for WhatsApp plus. You can use it and perform original functions before we share how to use GB Whatsapp on any Android device, and now we share posts about WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp and download for Android: WhatsApp Plus contains new features to hide the latest hide and perform many other tricks. You will love her. You can also change the WhatsApp theme and share it with the theme.xml file, making it easily available to your friends. They can quickly upload these files to their Android devices. You can easily use WhatsApp Plus on your Android device without making any changes in the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus has many great features and super features and you won’t get other Whatsapp mod apps. So, immediately check out the official WhatsApp Plus Apk from below and download it to your device now to use it.

Download & Install WhatsApp Plus on Your Android Device

  • First, download WhatsApp Plus downloader here –
WhatsApp Plus
  • Tap the download button, then tap it, and Whatsapp Plus will download it to your phone. Now just install it on your phone.
  • Now you need to make a full backup of your chat settings, so open Whatsapp from your phone and go to Settings-Chat-Backup.
backing up messages
  • Then keep a full backup and wait a while, so let’s wait a few seconds and finish the backup.
  • Now go to “Settings” – “Applications-Whatsapp Plus-Uninstall” to uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device.
do you want to uninstall this app?
  • Now, install WA plus on your downloaded Android device (link in the application).
  • Enter your mobile number and verify your number with OTP code (this is automatic)
verify the number
  • Now enter your name and other details and you can start using it. You can now use WA Plus APK on your Android device.

WhatsApp Plus Features for Android

Here are some job descriptions for Whatsapp plus APK file, please check it. WA Plus apk is great, it has a lot of powerful features you want to see on your device. After downloading WA plus, you can use these features in your device, so now let’s start to understand some common features of Whatsapp plus from below.

WhatsApp plus android has a lot of privacy features, such as hide last seen, hide online status, hide second tick, etc. WA plus new version may provide more great features, let’s see what you get in the current version of Whatsapp.

  • Anti-ban version.
  • Disable the Internet on WhatsApp and use the airplane mode option.
  • WhatsApp version 2.19.230 based on WhatsApp.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Sort by latest / oldest information.
  • Send private replies in groups.
  • Fixed chat limit increased from 25 to 30.
  • Stickers are enabled, now you can send stickers via WA plus.
  • If you forward a message, the label will not be forwarded to others.
  • Increase forwarding restrictions for Indian users.
  • Enable swipe to answer and group video calls.
  • Get notifications about canceled messages.
  • Drag to lock voice message recording.
  • Play videos with your favorite video player.
  • The UPI push functionality is enabled.
  • Group participants, group administrators, and group settings are enabled.
  • An automatic reply has been added so you can automatically send replies to your contacts.
  • Ability to add group descriptions in WhatsApp.
  • Added the DND option to disable all incoming and outgoing text messages.
  • Increase video limit in mode.
  • Enable group information settings.
  • Hide the last seen, the blue meter and the second meter.
  • Filter specific messages when you clear the chat.
  • Anti-undo message module, which does not allow others to delete messages sent to you.
  • Undo multiple WhatsApp messages at once.
  • You can call WhatsApp messages, schedule messages and more.
  • Now, create a group invitation link from WA plus.
  • Video call added.
  • Always in the mod, option to disable voice calls.
  • More customization features have been added to this version of WA Plus.
  • Updated to the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • You can send any files, such as PDF, TXT, Docs, etc.
  • Change theme easily with the app
  • You can change the launcher icon for WhatsApp
  • Built-in lock to lock your WhatsApp without third party software
  • Session text style so you can easily change Whatsapp style
  • Status folder to copy anyone’s status
  • Status limit increased to 255 characters
  • With this feature, you can always connect to the Internet but may consume more battery
  • Save, download and share your topic with friends.
  • Configure the image pixel and image size.
  • Keep a record of your friends and when they’re online.
  • Full backup of all chat and history so you don’t need to follow the registration process whenever you install WhatsApp again.
  • You can also share high-quality photos with the help of WA plus mod.

And more, download and install this apk on your device now to enjoy all the features of this app on your Android device now for free. You can also check the WA Tweaks app to make edits in the official WhatsApp.

Permissions List

  • Kill background tasks
  • Internet
  • Access the device location
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Microphone, NFC
  • Get an account
  • Read the address book
  • Edit audio settings
  • Audio Recording
  • Send a text message
  • shock
  • Type the connection
  • Type external storage
  • Using the map service

Requirements for Use WA Plus in your Android Device

To use Whatsapp plus in your device, you need to do some preparation, so let’s see how to download WA plus apk and use it on any Android device. WA plus apk available now to download from the free download link below, let’s take a look now from below.

  • Download WA Plus (download link can be found in the steps below)
  • Chat Backup – check the following
  • Valid internet connection to download APK files.


There are also many WA plus themes that you can use WA Plus to enjoy these themes in your device for a completely new look in WhatsApp Apk. WA plus is one of the best WhatsApp + mod apps on Whatsapp, you can now download it and use it easily on your device to use it for free on your device.

Now you just need to install WA plus on your Android device. You can change the theme and make any changes, such as changing the theme and so on. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Thanks for visiting and following the whatsappfaq for more tips, tricks, and WhatsApp editing.

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