Whatsapp Web on Ipad

How to Solve WhatsApp Web Not Working on iPhone/iPad?

Whatsapp Web on Ipad: Working with WhatsApp Web on your computer for private or private chat is a convenient experience. But sometimes it happens that WhatsApp does not work and shows the user an error. This will bring a lot of inconvenience to the types of users. If you are experiencing the same problem, please read this entire article. You’ll learn why WhatsApp doesn’t work on your iPhone / iPad and fixes the simple ways that WhatsApp doesn’t work.

Whatsapp Web on Ipad

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Part 1: Common reasons why WhatsApp Web isn’t running on iPhone and iPad

There may be many reasons for this problem. These common causes are divided into three conditions.

  • Browser issues: Browsers can affect the work of WhatsApp in several ways. The browser cookie is corrupt, the version is too old and does not cause a problem in WhatsApp Web.
  • Network issues: WhatsApp Web requires a strong and stable Internet connection. Network problems can also cause them to not work correctly.
  • WhatsApp server: If your web server is down, your WhatsApp network may crash.

Part 2: Fix how you can’t run WhatsApp Web on your iPhone / iPad

You are aware of the cause of this error. You can now resolve this issue by selecting the following options one by one.

Option 1: For the browser
Here are all the steps provided based on your Chrome browser settings. You can implement these methods on any browser to resolve an issue in which the WhatsApp website is not working properly.

1- By checking your browser compatibility

When WhatsApp web on ipad doesn’t seem to work, you should consider browser compatibility. Some browsers (such as Internet Explorer and Vivaldi) are not compatible with WhatsApp networks. So, before using the WhatsApp Web, be sure to use compatible browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

2- Clear the cookies

WhatsApp does not work properly may be caused by cookies in your browser. To clear your Chrome cookies on your computer, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Chrome browser. On the right side of the screen, you’ll find three vertical dots (menu icon). Click the menu icon to open all options.
  • Choose More tools> Clear browsing data.
  • When you create your browsing data, you’ll have the option to clear your history, cache, cookies, and more. Make sure the “Cookies and other site data” option is selected.
  • Now click Clear Data.
Whatsapp Web on Ipad

3- By disabling VPN
VPN services are very useful for using many tools and services on your computer. However, when you use Chrome, it may cause some network connectivity issues. This may also be one of the reasons why the WhatsApp website isn’t working properly. You can fix it by disabling a VPN on the device. It is also recommended to close VPN before using the WhatsApp network.

4- Using the browser in incognito mode
Often, people find errors when they visit certain websites, so they can’t easily resolve them with incognito browsers. This is a trick to easily access the WhatsApp website without errors. To do this, go to the menu button and select “Open new incognito window”. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + N” to enter the incognito mode.

5- By resetting your browser settings
This method is similar to clearing your browser cookie, but it is more sophisticated. If clearing cookies doesn’t resolve your issue, you can reset your browser settings. This will also help resolve other browser errors. Please follow the steps below to reset your Chrome browser settings.

  • Open your browser and click on the “Menu” icon (three dots in the upper right corner).
  • Now click Settings and enter Reset in the search bar.
  • In the search results, search for “Reset settings” and click “Reset settings.”
Whatsapp Web on Ipad

6- By reinstalling Chrome
If the above method doesn’t resolve the issue, you can uninstall and reinstall Chrome. This will resolve all browser issues and errors, and make WhatsApp Web work smoothly.

Option 2: For iPhone
You can also customize the settings of iPhones that are signed in with the same WhatsApp account to resolve issues where WhatsApp isn’t working properly. Solve problems on iPhone with these solutions.

1- By enabling flight mode
You can check the connection on your iPhone to allow WhatsApp to work. To do this, turn Airplane mode on your iPhone and turn it off to stabilize the network. Please follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Find the flight mode and switch to open it. Wait a few seconds and turn it off.
  • Alternatively, you can turn Wi-Fi off and on, try connecting to another Wi-Fi hotspot, and restart the Wi-Fi router.

2- By restarting the iPhone
You can restart your device to fix WhatsApp connected errors. You can choose to turn off the device by pressing the side button on the iPhone X and the volume up button.
For other versions of the iPhone, press the top button and the volume up button to get the slider.
Otherwise, hold down the device’s power button until you see the Apple icon on the screen.

3- By resetting the network settings
You can fix this by resetting your iPhone’s network settings. Follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Settings app and click the General tab.
  • Choose Reset Network Settings> Reset Network Settings.
Whatsapp Web on Ipad

Please note that this will delete all saved Wifi passwords.

4- By checking the version of the iPhone
The iPhone version will also affect WhatsApp. Please upgrade or restore your iPhone OS to the latest version.

Option 3: For PC
Using WhatsApp requires a strong Internet connection on your computer. If your iPhone’s Internet connection is normal, you need to check if your PC connection is active. Typically, when the Internet connection is unstable, a yellow bar appears at the top of the chat list and an “Offline computer” error message is displayed. At this point, you can refresh the page first. If the problem persists, you’ll need to sign out of WhatsApp on your computer and sign back in to reactivate it, as described below.

Option 4: Applies to WhatsApp itself
When WhatsApp servers typically crash, the network may not be available. You can check this by visiting downdetector.com. If your WhatsApp server is down, wait until it starts.

Bottom line
I have read about various solutions to solve the problem of the WhatsApp network is not working. These solutions are suitable for most iPhone and iPad users who experience this issue. If you have questions about this article or any other useful solution, please leave it in the comments section.